About us

Halong Bay Sena Cruises – Our whole team working hard everyday is to become the honest close friend helping you out for experiencing the most satisfied cruise in Vietnam as well as deserve being partnership with other travel agencies believing and supporting us now and in the future. 


Halong is the amazing “dragon bay” of Vietnam. Tourists cannot help but to visit this amazing bay while enjoying their Vietnam holiday. SENA is the perfect choice for cruising services to explore this fascinating landscape, as the paradise on earth it is, with an extraordinary all- inclusive experience in a truly authentic oriental cultural environment. SENA CRUISES is a traditional and cozy boutique cruise, managed by Swan Cruises, the brand name being a well spoken name in Vietnam

Our experienced co-founders understand the expectations of our visitors from different parts of the world for a real trip to Vietnam, so the entire Sena team is committed to deliver the best and most hospitable services available, to turn the term of “Beyond a cruising journey” to being the best in personal care and a luxury cozy boutique cruise, with the highest safety standards, carefully researched itineraries, authentic decor, and delicious food. That’s all in the promise for a truly unique and unforgettable experience.


Our mission is to have the Swan Bay Company become the leading luxury traditional boutique service cruise line, to provide the best luxury hospitality services and in an authentic Vietnamese traditional cultural environment, well imbued with local culture, and with upgraded competitive abilities for the well- spoken brand name of Ha Long Bay cruises services.


“SENA” means the most beautiful charming girl in the entire world, with sparkling big eyes that can make anyone’s heart melt, and one look of her smile can make anyone’s day perfect. Her beauty is only surpassed by her brains and will undoubtedly become one of the greatest minds of today. When she walks into the room you can feel her presence making you weak at the knees and stealing your breath. Her kindness and caring heart will make anyone feel safe and welcome. If you ever find yourself a “Sena”, you need to do everything you can to be with her. She will make you feel like heaven on earth.

On the other hand, “Sena” is also the Lotus of Asia. The Lotus flower is the symbol of Buddhism, which represents for Oriental civilization being a beautiful simple, yet vital flower, always reaching forwards to the best beauty of humanity. Thus, this core value will be spread out to every member of the Sena team.


Based on the number of researches and surveys throughout Vietnam for long time working experiences, since Vietnam tourism started, the major question has been what do you, the visitor, imagine about Vietnam, and what are the hospitality service standards you expect for your Vietnam vacation.

From the statistical reports, the Sena Company decided to introduce to our customers a tourism production with remarkable features of Vietnamese traditional culture, from ship vessel appearance to interior decoration, and accessory design, all to bring to the heart the beating of local culture. Customer satisfaction is our first care, and to be able carry this out, besides high quality facilities and very beautiful luxury traditional boutique interiors, is our ability and working status of our staff, from the office to the crew on the boats.

Effective human resource management is also an important element to lead the company to success and customer satisfaction. SENA issues very reasonable policies to create good working conditions. Taking in advance the individual ability of every single person and using that for their right position, makes the right teamwork to achieve the highest standards.

SENA CRUISES is a company filled with honesty, dedication, friendship, pride, and peak professional performance, in a dynamic and rewarding work environment. We work together to achieve our goals and lead the luxury cruise industry in Vietnam and the region. We create ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers and through hard work we create profits and growth for all.